Practical Help Part 1: Improving Client Flow, Streamlining and Efficiencies

A recent SPVS survey identified the challenges of capacity, workflow and efficiencies currently being faced by practices. Ryan Davis, CVS, takes us through these, before a panel of practitioners highlights the importance of leadership, team on-boarding, efficiencies and social distancing, and talks us through the steps they have taken to improve these.


The Scenario Planning Tool has been designed by Anval Ltd for SPVS members.  Its purpose is to help practices with their financial planning for a range of scenarios.  It allows practices to predict more accurately which is the best economic strategy for them to utilise. It can also be used for reviewing and developing business strategy now, and over coming weeks and months. For SPVS Members only. A useful Scenario Planner is available here

SPVS Members can access Part 2 of this Webinar by logging into the main SPVS site here.

Thanks to Anval

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